When things go wrong, the board is often the Nonprofit Board Members one to receive the most criticism. A poorly functioning board can cause mismanagement, or even financial ruin. This is why it’s so vital to ensure your Board is equipped with the skills and experience to ensure that you have the right supervision for your company.

You’ll want to find Nonprofit Board members who are committed to your cause and are passionate about serving the needs of your organization. They should be aware of their roles and responsibilities in order to be a part of all your organisation’s decisions, including adopting policies, determining compensation for the executive Director and raising money.

A functioning Board is an essential link between your non-profit and the community. Your board’s responsibility is in determining how to best serve the community through your organization. The executive director and staff members then implement the vision that the board has formulated in the day-today operations.

In the past, many non-profits looked for wealthy and well-connected individuals to sit on their boards. These connections still matter but it’s becoming more common now to recruit those who are passionate for your cause and a strong commitment to the cause. It is also beneficial to hire many people for different positions, ensuring that your board has a range of perspectives and viewpoints. In fact, a study by Korngold found that 78% of those who were on boards of non-profit organizations said that it made them more willing to listen to viewpoints that are not their own.

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